Tiandi was the union of Heaven and Earth, and all which they encompassed. A heavenly, celestial world located in a far-off section of the universe, Tiandi was home to a myriad of cultures, religions, and political systems. The birthplace of humanity, this planet was unique in many ways.

However, Tiandi was not to last. Tiandi was eventually destroyed and abandoned by its progeny, who spread across the stars with surprising speed and tenacity, bringing with them both wide-eyed curiosity and bloody violence as they discovered the many species that they shared the Tian Galaxy with.

Now, 600 years later, in the human year 2750, the next chapter in the children of Tiandi's collective histories begins...

What is FTiandi?

FTiandi, or Future Tech Tiandi, is the future-tech offshoot of Tiandi, a roleplaying region on the Nationstates website.

Under Standard Tiandi Time, the year is 750 or 2750 for human nations. Alien nations may vary.

For the Shanhe Kurun, the year is 6109.

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